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Hospice Care in Durham – Chapel Hill

Hospice care in Durham – Chapel Hill provides services such as administering medicine, emotional support, and even spiritual resources for those individuals who are in the last stages of life but studies have shown that the hospice care may help them live longer and even help them get better.  Placing a sick family member in hospice care is a good idea to relieve some of the load for family members or caretakers that can easily be overwhelmed by all the care the sick or dying patient needs. A hospice offering 24/7 care with medical support is often why the parents live longer as their needs are constantly met. There are a number of hospice agencies in the Durham and Chapel Hill area including Hospice of Alamance, Heartland, Duke Hospice, Liberty Homecare & Hospice, Pruitt Health – Hospice and Transitions LifeCare.

Hospice care can help family members with emotional support, to improve the quality of life for patient and family through access to medical care, and provide constant communication to the doctor. An individual with hospice care ensures they are taken care of by licensed nurses and doctors who can handle routine problems as well as emergencies. By being in an environment with unlimited care, the patient is more likely to live longer.

With nurses and doctors who know exactly what to administer and at what times, a patient living under hospice care are likely to live longer because their needs never go unnoticed. Their blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, and other vitals are closely monitored whereas if they were not under such care the smallest issue could get ignored.  The nurses are also licensed and trained in the proper ways to handle and clean a very sick person and their care may be drastically different than a family member or caretaker’s handling of the patient. The medical equipment and hospital equipment a sick patient needs is always available when they are living in a hospice.

Because of the constant care and attention a patient will have a higher quality of life. They won’t need or wait for anything which means they are never neglected. The uninterrupted communication to family and to doctors ensures the patient is getting the best care possible. Their sense of well-being and happiness may improve as well.

Everyone handles life’s challenges in different ways. Sometimes those in hospice care may live longer by having an opportunity to clear the stresses from their lives they may have had when they were taken care of by a family member.  This can be stressful for both the patient and family. The patient needs constant care but the caregiver is not available constantly. When a patient is moved to hospice care, they can truly relax completely. Whether their sense of emotional support is improved through prayer or therapy, either way, the patient can see great health gains by being emotionally healthy.

With an attentive staff, emotional support and family communication, an elderly person with a life threatening sickness can live longer through hospice care.  The patient’s doctor will be able to recommend one as the hospitals and hospices often work very closely together.