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Memory Care Communities in Durham – Chapel Hill

Caregivers at Alzheimer's Facility

Once you’ve chosen a Memory Care Facility in Durham – Chapel Hill, evaluating the quality of care your parent is receiving at the facility is important to ensure they are getting everything they need. There are a number of memory care facilities in Durham – Chapel Hill including Seasons at Southpoint, Clare Bridge at Brookdale (Meadowmont/Chapel Hill/Durham), Garden Place at Carillon Assisted Living, Cottage Care at Spring Arbor of Durham and others in the local area.

When evaluating the quality of care your parent receives in a memory care facility, make a check-list to assess the most important aspects of this type of senior service. Consider the condition of the facility, the residents and the experience and ability of the staff to determine that your parent is in a accountable and professional care facility.

Evaluating Condition of the Facility

Cleanliness is one of the first things you should notice when evaluating the quality of care at a memory care facility. If the responsibilities of the facility are met, then you should be able to trust that your parent is in good hands too. If you notice any clutter, unsanitary bathrooms, strange smells or obvious signs of inattentiveness, you should question the facility. All rooms from the public areas to the bathrooms, to a senior’s individual room should be kept clean and smell sanitary.

Be sure to notice the hygiene of the patients. Make sure they look clean shaven, showered, and are wearing clean clothing. Notice if they are engaged in the activities and are social activities. They should not all be in their rooms all the time. The quality of activities and programs specializing in memory care as well as the individual attention are all indicators of the care a patient is receiving.

The staff at the memory care facility should be knowledgeable and experienced not just in nursing and elderly care, but specifically in caring for those with memory issues such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. The staff should have background and training in memory care and all of them should have had a thorough background check. Look for professionalism, proper uniform attire and name tags on all staff. The nurses and staff should be attentive and engaging to the needs of the residents and speak in a gentle, respectful and courteous manner.

The quality of care your parent receives in a memory care facility can be easy to evaluate if you are aware of some basic points. Having a check-list of needs for your loved one can greatly help to make the process smooth and ensure that you and your parent will be completely happy with the choice of memory care facility. With your check-list, trusting your facility decision can be clear.