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Durham-Chapel Hill Medical Equipment

About Durham-Chapel Hill Medical Equipment

Welcome to the Durham-Chapel Hill Medical Equipment and Supplies section of The Eldercare Channel. Home medical equipment can take many forms, and it can be a vital part of daily life for many seniors.  In fact, for a number of today’s seniors, it is the availability of equipment, both large and small, that enables them to remain independently at home.  With access to equipment and supplies commonly found in hospitals, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities, many seniors can safely remain at home independently or with the aid of a care provider.

Home medical equipment often includes small medical supplies.  These can be anything from wound care and incontinence products to diabetes supplies and other daily use items, as well as things such as shower seats, canes, and other items intended to help those with limited mobility.  Larger medical equipment can also be purchased for home use when needed, including wheelchairs, hospital beds, respiratory equipment, and even some equipment that must be used by a licensed health care provider, such as dialysis machines.

Finding the right home medical equipment can be a difficult task without the proper resources, as there are financial and insurance issues to consider, as well as delivery, setup, and other factors.  At The Durham-Chapel Hill Eldercare Channel, we want to help.  In addition, to helpful articles and advice located on our site, we have created the directory to the right of area home medical equipment providers in order to help you find the right equipment for you or your loved one.  The Durham-Chapel Hill Eldercare Channel is brought to you by Ken Helmuth and Right at Home of Durham-Chapel Hill.

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